Doji (Preview)

get_doji(quotes, max_price_change_percent=0.1)


name type notes
quotes Iterable[Quote] Iterable of the Quote class or its sub-class.
See here for usage with pandas.DataFrame
max_price_change_percent float, default 0.1 Optional. Maximum absolute percent difference in open and close price. Example: 0.3% would be entered as 0.3 (not 0.003). Must be between 0 and 0.5 percent, if specified.

Historical quotes requirements

You must have at least one historical quote; however, more is typically provided since this is a chartable candlestick pattern.

quotes is an Iterable[Quote] collection of historical price quotes. It should have a consistent frequency (day, hour, minute, etc). See the Guide for more information.




name type notes
date datetime Date
price decimal, Optional Price of the most relevant OHLC candle element when a match is present
match Match Generated Match type
candle CandleProperties Candle properties


See Utilities and Helpers for more information.


from stock_indicators import indicators

# This method is NOT a part of the library.
quotes = get_historical_quotes("SPY")

# Calculate
results = indicators.get_doji(quotes);

About Doji (Preview)

Doji is a single candlestick pattern where open and close price are virtually identical, representing market indecision. [Discuss] 💬