Chandelier Exit

get_chandelier(quotes, lookback_periods=22, multiplier=3.0, chandelier_type=ChandelierType.LONG)


name type notes
quotes Iterable[Quote] Iterable of the Quote class or its sub-class.
See here for usage with pandas.DataFrame
lookback_periods int, default 22 Number of periods (N) for the lookback evaluation.
multiplier float, default 3.0 Multiplier number must be a positive value.
chandelier_type ChandelierType, default ChandelierType.LONG Direction of exit. See ChandelierType options below.

Historical quotes requirements

You must have at least N+1 periods of quotes to cover the warmup periods.

quotes is an Iterable[Quote] collection of historical price quotes. It should have a consistent frequency (day, hour, minute, etc). See the Guide for more information.

ChandelierType options

from stock_indicators.indicators.common.enums import ChandelierType
type description
LONG Intended as stop loss value for long positions. (default)
SHORT Intended as stop loss value for short positions.




name type notes
date datetime Date
chandelier_exit float, Optional Exit line


See Utilities and Helpers for more information.


from stock_indicators import indicators
from stock_indicators import ChandelierType     # Short path, version >= 0.8.1

# This method is NOT a part of the library.
quotes = get_historical_quotes("SPY")

# calculate Chandelier(22,3)
results = indicators.get_chandelier(quotes, 22, 3, ChandelierType.LONG)

About Chandelier Exit

Created by Charles Le Beau, the Chandelier Exit is typically used for stop-loss and can be computed for both long or short types. [Discuss] 💬